Box-Office Poison (onehiphamster) wrote in yohomestobelair,
Box-Office Poison

The best thing that ever happend

My English teacher in the eighth grade was a boring bald white guy (probably so was your English teacher in the eighth grade). Everyone used to make fun of him for being boring and bald and white until ONE FATEFUL DAY when he revealed that Jeffery from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" was his step-dad!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! We didn't know we were in the presence of GOD DAMN ROYALTY!!! So then no one made fun of him anymore, we treated him with the respect that the step-son of Jeffery the butler deserves. And one day he brought us a video tape of the time that Jeffery guest-hosted "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and he made us bananna bread and everyone decided that MR. VALENCICH WAS THE COOLEST TEACHER OF ALL TIME. And at the end of the year my friend and I did a choreographed dance routine to the "Fresh Prince" theme song for him and it was awesome.
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So Jeffrey had jungle fever with some white lady. THAT ROCKS! How old was your teacher, and how old is Jeffrey for that matter??? MAN I wish I could be related to Jazz in some way
My teacher was 45. I think Geoffrey is like..60? I don't have any idea. He had that ultra-suave salt and pepper hair, though.
since this community is a fan of the show "fresh prince of bell air" i think it would be a safe conclusion to make that you also enjoy will smith. because of this, i think it would be beneficial for you all to merge with my community getjiggy_69420, a very active will smith community. please consider this! thank you, and if you have any questions feel free to comment on my journal.